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I’m a nurse, an RN.  But I’m really not the “push 10ccs STAT!” kind of nurse.  I’m more the “let’s talk about your diabetes and your feelings” kind of nurse.  I believe in the work that I do, and I think it’s important.   But am I America’s Hero?  Not hardly. 

Still, every now and then, I will get a patient who tells me that the sun rises and sets in my ass.  I’m trying to be  flattered, Ms. Patient  – maybe you noticed my excellent documentation skills!  Or perhaps my inquiry about your plans for the weekend really made your day.  I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that I happened to facilitate your Oxycontin refill as well.


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I want to be a descriptivist.  Mostly I am.  “They” as genderless third person pronoun? Why not.

But Bantam.  You guys.  You are a publishing house of some renown.  Also, the particular book I am reading, Asimov’s Foundation, has probably been edited once or twice.

Since all this has not yet produced proper comma-adge, I have written them in.

It is cool, you do not need to pay me.

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